Are you thinking of throwing a corporate event or some kind of large group get together WELL the Canmore Radisson Hotel in Alberta is not the place to go to!! They will say everything you want to hear but come the day of the event they will not come through nor keep their word, when you leave they will deny everything they said leaving to feeling let down and lied to. Months will go by only to find that they will keep charging your credit card as they feel necessary, they will say there was damage's, fines, and anything else they can make up just to charge any extra money to you.

I have talk to 4 people that work there and they also agreed that the upper staff there are taking advantage of me and are lying! But that they do this to lots of people! Good Scammers and liers at www.radisson.com/canmoreca

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One of the dirty hotel's out there! they dont clean there beds!

Radisson Canmore Hotel needs new staff!STOP STOP www.radisson.com/canmoreca DONT GO TO this hotel. There are many others that are nice and clean just down the road.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #123161

I bought a car battery from wallmart had it a very short time and it went dead , leaveing me stuck in busy traffic.this was in 2009. Jan, 2010 I bought another maxx wallmart battery, formy F-250 Ford , today being 15 miles away from home the battery cells went dead,leaveing me again stuck in rush hour traffic, & a $55.00 tow bill, not so happy customer, Norman

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